About Us

Nothing is more expressive of the culture and art of living than architecture. There in Morocco, artisans creatively mastered the art of shaping pottery, stone, wood and zilij via ancient inherited traditional ways that bears out the originality and beauty of Moroccan culture.

Ornate formulates all this beauty, creativity and culture in a modern practical mould. We are artists preoccupied with breathing life into the place. Our philosophy is that beauty should not be meaningless, because mundane needs are an integral part of our lives, our task is to respond to them through our creativity, no matter how simple materials are, for water, earth, and fire are the but the elements of life.

These ancient arts used to adorn palaces, rendering them fit to embrace the most precious moments. Now it is available to all enthusiasts of refined taste who love to celebrate the details of life through our integrated team of experts and artists. It is indeed a unique personal experience that extends over a lifetime and even ages beyond. And above all, no sensation is more fulfilling than returning to the era of harmony with the greater ecosystem.