Carved Gypsum

Mastering the art of carving plaster requires long years of learning, relentless perseverance and durable attention. Masters carefully handle plaster because it must be a cohesive substance. After gypsum is mixed and laid to form thick layers over large areas, then it is smoothed until it becomes ready.

Gypsum is carved with geometrical forms, floral shapes, kufic Arabic calligraphy, beehive ornamentation and other very beautiful ornamentation and other very beautiful decorations. These engravings decorate mosques, palaces and luxury homes, sometimes adorning the lower part of frames with various scripts.

These rich and attractive decorations that transform ceilings into masterpieces, are perhaps the most important element in interior design, with of colors pink or light brown inlaid with white plaster. White gypsum can be inlaid with gold color or left white altogether. These warm. attractive colors make gypsum boards an unrivaled aesthetical element.